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Important reminder.  With all of the flooding we have had here in Texas the past month we expect the mosquito population to be massive.  With a high mosquito population comes a higher risk of your pet contracting heartworm disease which is transmitted by mosquitoes.  It is extremely important that your pet be on a monthly heartworm preventive medication year round to prevent this deadly disease.  If your pet has not been on regular heartworm preventive it is important to have your pet tested for heartworms prior to starting the preventive medication.  Please contact your veterinarian to discuss which heartworm preventive would be best for your pet as there are several options from which to choose.

Visit this link for more information on heartworm disease and prevention.



Here in Texas, mild weather conditions mean we never know when mosquitoes will emerge in the spring or how late into fall they will hang around.  And for pets, mosquitoes are more than a nuisance; these pesky little blood-sucking beasts are responsible for transmitting deadly heartworm disease.

Heartworm is a serious disease that threatens the lives of infected dogs and cats.  Fortunately, heartworm prevention is relatively inexpensive and easy to administer.  The American Heartworm Society recommends that you Think 12: (1) Get your pet tested every 12 months for heartworm and (2) give your pet heartworm prevention 12 months a year.