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Many people think they only need to take their pets to the veterinarian when vaccinations are due, and while vaccinations are an important part of your pet’s health, there is so much more the veterinarian will need to assess to keep your pet healthy.  For example, the veterinarian will want to discuss your pet’s lifestyle.  Does your cat stay indoors only or does it go outdoors?  Does your dog frequent the dog park, take regular walks, or spend most of it’s time napping?  Also, your veterinarian will need to know information about your pet’s diet and any medications or supplements being given to the pet.

What to expect

After the veterinary team has obtained a detailed history, the veterinarian will give the pet a complete physical examination which will include listening to the heart and lungs, examining the mouth for possible dental disease, checking ears and eyes and thoroughly examine the skin looking for anything unusual.  Routine diagnostics will be performed to check for heartworm disease and intestinal parasites.  Screening blood work may be obtained also to make sure there is no systemic problem.

Once the examination is complete the veterinarian can make recommendations for your pet including a healthy diet and weight management if needed, dental care, and parasite prevention.

Keeping your pet healthy is more than routine vaccinations.  It is important that pets receive preventive healthcare for their overall health and happiness.