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This may be old news to some of our readers, but we wanted to emphasize the warnings that some pet jerky treats are being linked to serious illness in pets.  The problem appears to be tied to dog treats made in China, although investigators haven’t yet found a certain cause.  The FDA has received reports of illnesses in 3,600 dogs and 10 cats in the United States since 2007, and 580 dogs died.

Pets can suffer from a decreased appetite, decreased activity, vomiting and diarrhea among other symptoms within hours of eating treats sold as jerky strips made of chicken, duck, sweet potato or dried fruit.  Researchers haven’t been able to pin down what ingredient may be causing the problem because many of the treats and their ingredients are imported and the FDA doesn’t want to conduct a recall without a definitive cause.

We would like to advise caution when considering your choice of treats for your pets.