Are you interested in volunteering some of your time and talents, but simply don’t know where to get started?  Here are  a few easy-to-implement ideas to get the ball rolling.




Put a donation box out in your office.   Co-workers can donate new or gently used collars, dog toys, towels, blankets (fleece is nice), and any other pet items they wish to donate.  After several weeks, drop off the donation at your local shelter or rescue group.  We guarantee that they will be thrilled.

Share through social media.  Check out Petfinder.com and share an adoptable pet in your area through your Facebook and/or Twitter account.  Even if you are not directly responsible for finding that pet a home, it helps remind people of all the wonderful animals out there in need of a home.  Even better, vow to share an adoptable pet once a week.

Or if you are social media wiz and want to make a slightly larger commitment, reach out to a local rescue group and volunteer to manage there social media efforts or write the profiles for the adoptable pets.  Words are powerful and an accurate and descriptive entry can help the pets stand out and find a home.

Do you have decent photography skills?  Volunteer to take photos of the pets that are up for adoption at your local shelter.  It is amazing what a good photo can do to help boost the odds of adoption.  Don’t worry if you’re not a professional photographer.  Compared to a dismal kennel shot, any decent photo is a vast improvement and an immense help.

Are you crafty? Make bandannas.  Shelter workers attest that the presence of some flare (a bandanna, nice collar or cute toy) can garner a dog the attention it needs to find his forever home.  Studies have shown that all-black dogs in particular have trouble standing out and are often overlooked.  A colorful bandanna can help make an impression.  Get some inexpensive colored cotton twill and cut it into triangles of varying sizes to accommodate different neck sizes.  No need to finish the edges.  Then drop off your handiwork at your local animal shelter.  This is a perfect activity that kids can get involved with too.

Walk dogs.  Volunteer to walk the dogs, play with them or clean the cages.  Volunteer help is greatly needed in many overcrowded shelters and your smiling face can make a big difference to both the morale of the dogs and the staff.

Toy Drive. The next time you’re having a block party or your annual holiday party or summer BBQ, suggest your guests bring a toy to donate to homeless animals, if they feel so inclined.  It’s a great way to do some good while you are socializing and most people are more than happy to contribute a little something as it feels good, costs hardly a thing, and takes hardly any effort.

Foster.  Why not open your house and your heart to a homeless pet that needs temporary shelter?  The time commitment is often as short as two weeks, but it is a tremendous help to rescue groups, allowing them to take in more pets in need of homes, pets that in some cases would be euthanized if the rescues weren’t able to pluck them from an over-capacity shelter.  And of course, fostering is a godsend for the foster pets, allowing them to know a home rather than a cage, so their true personalities can shine, helping them to find their forever home.  In short, small time commitment, huge reward.