We have had some questions lately about whether or not there are any benefits to raw meat diets.  So, here is our response.  At this time, there are no scientific studies showing any health benefits of raw meat diets.  However, studies show that there are significant risks to feeding raw meat diets.  For example, one study demonstrated that all homemade and commercial raw food diets tested had multiple nutritional imbalances.  Another study reported two cats that died of a blood infection from the same bacteria that was in their raw food.  Other risks of  raw meat diets include inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract usually resulting in vomiting and diarrhea, and raw meat diets that contain bones can cause fractured teeth and gastrointestinal injury.

In addition to these risks, recent scientific studies have shown that nearly all raw meat diets (whether commercial or homemade) are contaminated with bacteria, with between 20-44% of commercial raw diets contaminated with Salmonella.  Also, be aware that animals that eat raw meat diets can shed these bacteria in their feces.  Other bacteria found in raw meat diets include E coli 0157:H7 and Clostridia.  These bacteria are a risk, not only for the animals eating the diets, but also for other pets and people in the household.