Ahhh, the aroma of roasting turkey in the oven, Mom’s cornbread dressing cooling on the counter, sweet, spicy pumpkin pie tempting your passions. But don’t forget the happy, little furry-feet, following your every move!

Yep, its Thanksgiving! A time to be thankful for all we have, for those around us we love, including our canine friends. Many people share the family feast with their dog in an offering of thanks and love. While this is an innocent and seemingly gracious and loving gesture, the truth is, it’s more loving not to share your holiday meals with your dog. Table scraps aren’t pet snacks.  Many holiday foods are loaded with fat and sodium and can cause stomach upset.  Chicken or turkey bones can easily get stuck in the digestive tract and other foods like chocolate and onions can be poisonous.  In short, people food is meant for people, not pets.